startablish is the platform for everyone who is looking for hard facts, data and background knowledge. For insiders who prefer to analyse data rather than empty phrases. For professionals who rely not on estimates but on concrete figures. For all those who believe in a sustainable startup scene in Europe and want to make their contribution to it.

startablish addresses the generation of users who live the entrepreneurial spirit and strive for innovations as a matter of heart. Innovation managers, investors, founders of start-ups, VCs, science, business, education. From student to CEO.

The startablish startup data platform shows trends in the European startup scene, compares countries and sectors and makes it possible to search specifically for technologies and innovations.

With this platform, we want to make our contribution to a strong, European start-up scene because we believe there are many successful founders out there who are able to confront worldwide competition.

We want to give creators the chance to turn their dreams into successful companies.
We want to give corporates the opportunity to search specifically for partners and innovations in order to become a first player together.
We want to provide the community not only with data and facts, but also to help them to advance their knowledge.
We want the start-up scene to become more transparent, for a successful and economically sustinable growth of innovation and technology.