2017 was all about AI and chatbots

Far from all official studies, which assume that several thousand startups are founded in Austria every year, we want to bring real facts into the spotlight. With our first up-to-date startup database and innovation solution we are providing real datasets of the European startup scene.

2017 was rich in changes, just to mention some:

  • #metoo and #timesup swept the globe
  • gay marriage continued to be accepted across the globe
  • ISIS’s caliphate collapsed

Besides that there was this huge trend in Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots in the technological driven world! Every new technology claimed to be “intelligent” and every corporate tried to launch it’s own chatbot. So, according to these technological trends, what happened 2017 in Austria?

Let’s talk about basics first

startablish is the platform for everyone who is looking for hard facts, data and background knowledge. For insiders who prefer to analyse data rather than empty phrases. For professionals who rely not on estimates but on concrete figures. For all those who believe in a sustainable startup scene in Europe and want to make their contribution to it.

Companies on startablish have to be established and should provide an innovative product or solution which is scalable. If these parameters apply, the company is added to our database as a startup!

We have 44 categories for these startups, including major catories like “Sports”, “Greentech”, “Fintech” and so on. Each category is manually added by a researcher to a startup. Applied categories are then double checked by our tag algorithm, providing our customers with tags like “Bitcoin”, “Facial Recognition” or specific requests like “Cancer” or “PSD2”.

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Let’s talk about Austrian startups now*

*Note: Only established and still active startups are taken into account for the following statistics.

What was the focus of Austrian startups last year?

According to our category system we have three clusters. 32% of all Austrian startups are focused on Community / Lifestyle, 16% are focussing Industries and 14% are specialized in Data / Analytics.

Comparing them with the average of the years before, there is an increase of 11% in the area community / lifestyle, 6% plus in industrial sectors and 1% less in the area of data / analytics.

Going one level deeper, the Community / Lifestyle cluster is dominated by platforms and apps. Especially 53% are platforms like EVENTFEX or refurbed and 39% are apps like FRYNX or hiMoment. The industry side is clearly ruled by industry 4.0, which can be seen by startups like Testify or kpibench. Artifical Intelligence is with 33% the leader of the Data / Analytics group with startups like MAIA or mindcoa.ch.

As mentioned in the beginning of the article the year was driven by tech news like “AI” and “Chatbots”. Can we see in Austria effects of these trends? 11% of all established Austrian startups in 2017 are focussing artifical intelligence and 7% are focussed on building the best chatbot. So yes, the effect is not immense, but almost 18% of all startups in 2017 have gone with the trend.

So we are really excited about the startup trends of 2018, which seem to be Bitcoin/Blockchain and Fintech (according to that huge PSD2 law – more about that here)

Next article

Next one will deep dive into Austria to see which are the customer focusses, where have been the founder hotspots located and which are the most favourite legal forms. As soon as all financial statements of 2017 are public, we can provide you with the ultimative financial report of 2017.

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