New search and listing experience!

This is our regularly update that highlights new features and recent enhancements we’ve made to the platform, so you can easily stay informed on what’s new on startablish. Here’s what we launched recently.

Search v1.2


We’ve made some improvements to our search. It’s now possible to look for company names and tags. The tags are one of the most awesome features of the new update. Just try to search for tags like ‘Bitcoin’, ‘Cancer’ or ‘PSD2’. The more specific the search term, the more precise the result will be. Our tag database is still in beta and not complete yet. If you have some tags you want to monitor, just write us a message with your preferred tags.
Furthermore entered letters are now also searched within words, beginning with two letters.


Listing Page


Since many of our users have requested an alternative to our dashboard, we are now publishing the new listing page. All startups can be listed in a predefined table view and are just one click away to get filtered and discovered. Neither you have to build a new chart, nor you have to modify one of your charts to get exactly the startups you need.


Table View


Our table view can now also be filtered in years. It’s as easy as never before to discover the most trending startups right now.



For better usability we added some mouseovers in the navigation bar, in the chart widgets and in the chart editor.



We have now fixed some of the known bugs (e.g. 30 minutes delay on the news feed) with the latest update. If you still notice a bug or a feature that doesn’t work as you expected it to work, write us a message !



Our development has been delayed in the last few months, as we are still working on the implementation of financial data and shareholding structures for all European startups.

2018 is the beginning of an exciting and great year that we are looking forward to. Our product pipeline is ready and financial data and shareholder structures are about to be published soon.

To catch up on the delay, we now release new features and improvements every 2-3 weeks.

You can enjoy the following features throughout Q1 2018:

  • Financial data and shareholding structures
  • A completely redesigned chart editor with multichart functionality
  • Watchlists
  • Public Startup Profiles
  • Video tutorials
  • Helpcenter with FAQs
But that’s not all, there will be some awesome surprising features as well – stay tuned 😉


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